Three Ways to Prevent Mining Accidents


Mining is one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States. According to the July 2012 mine fatality report from the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), 19 miners died in work-related accidents during the first half of 2012. Mining accidents are usually caused by explosions, slips and falls, cave-ins, poisonous gas leaks, and equipment malfunctions.

In any industry, the workers’ safety should be the highest priority. Here are three ways to promote mining accident prevention.

1. Train employees

Fall Protection Equipment

Harnesses prevent workers from falling.

Safety training educates miners, both experienced and new, about the dangers of their job. Starter trainings should be given to miners with new tasks. Yearly refresher trainings, on the other hand, aid the company to review safety measure and reporting lapses; identify job hazards; and incorporate improvements, legislative changes, and technological trends.

Miners should also be trained on the proper use of high-tech tools preferably through simulation. Simulating mine emergencies improves workers’ preparedness and helps them react faster during actual emergencies.

Using safety training materials is another way of educating workers about mining safety.

2. Require fall protection equipment

According to MSHA, slips and falls are among the major causes of mining accidents. Fall prevention essentials such as harnesses, lanyards and lifelines are therefore necessary in ensuring safety in mining sites. MSHA strongly advises mining companies to provide their workers with appropriate personal protective equipment.

3. Use safety mining signs

The implementation of safe mining practices is incomplete without mining signs. Safety signs warn miners of possible dangers and encourage them to be careful every time.

Danger Men Below Construction Signs

Safety signs warn workers of possible dangers.

Warning signs should clearly state the message to avoid confusion. They should also be big enough to be read at a distance. The signs must be posted strategically in places where accidents are likely to happen.

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