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What type of eyewash unit is best for your workplace?

May 21, 2010

Does your facility need an eyewash station?

OSHA requires that any place where a person’s eyes or body can be exposed to corrosive materials must have a suitable method or facility for drenching or flushing the eyes and body. This faciilty must be within the work area for immediate use if there is an injury. There are also certain industries that must include an eye wash station in every single facility.  (To view the full regulations, visit OSHA’s web site).

So, if you do need an eyewash in your facility, what type of eyewash unit is best for you? Here are a few of the options you have to choose from:

Faucet Mount Eyewash: These types of units attach directly to goose neck and standard faucets to turn them into eyewash units. The attachment delivers a concentrated stream of cold water to the eyes without the need to install new plumbing. They can be used with any sink or basin so they are a great no-hassle option.

Counter-Top Mount Eyewash: Counter-top eyewash units attach directly to any table or counter top. Some can swivel and therefore can be easily used from any angle. Like many eyewash units, they deliver aerated sprays to flush the eyes and face.

Wall Mount Eyewash: This is a great option if you do not have a faucet in an area where you need an eyewash unit. You can simply attach it to the building’s plumbing system.  They do not take up a lot of space, but they are a permanent installation. You can buy them in plastic, stainless steel and other materials.

Portable Eyewash: You can take a portable eyewash unit with you anywhere. This is great for non-permanent job sites or in places where sinks and/or plumbing systems are not available. They work just like any other eyewash unit, gently spraying water on the eyes and face. You can even store the water in the portable eyewash units for up to six month  if there is an anti-bacterial additive in the eyewash solution.

Combination Eyewash and Drench Hose: These provide flexible use for any industrial area. In addition to a standard eyewash unit, this system includes a drench hose that can be used to direct water to the affected area not only on the face, but any part of the body.

Shower/Eyewash System: Depending on the brand, eyewash/shower systems can have a variety of different features and capabilities. The main benefit of this type of station is that it can be used to rinse the entire body in the event of an accident, not just the eyes and face. It’s a great option for any facility where an accident involving a corrosive substance could affect the entire body.


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