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Lean Manufacturing: Know the Six Basic Principles

February 5, 2014

In today’s manufacturing industry, assembly work usually means short production cycles and constantly reducing  batch sizes, with an increase in product types and models being made. With the constant pressure to shorten production lead times but still produce goods that meet set standards, it can be a demanding environment. To help respond quickly to these rapidly changing demands, you need a manufacturing system that can be re-configured and expanded on the fly. Lean manufacturing offers just that.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing and 5s tools keep your workers safe and your products organized.

Lean manufacturing is based on finding efficiencies and removing wasteful steps that don’t add value to the end product.  This manufacturing system and philosophy goes all the way back to Henry Ford’s time but the system was fully developed by Toyota in Japan, and is referred to as the Toyota Production System. Today, this lean system has been adapted and configured to meet the specific needs of  various manufacturers and other types of industries all over the world.

To truly understand how lean manufacturing works and how to apply them correctly in your organization, you need to understand the principles behind it. Not doing so will most likely result in failure of the system or lack of commitment from everyone in your workplace, and the process then becomes ineffective. This article will explain the basics of the six fundamental principles of lean manufacturing that you need to know:



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