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Fire protection: An important part of pipe and valve marking

April 1, 2010

If you have read my past blog posts, most of you are now familiar with the basics of pipe and valve safety – such as where to mark a pipe, what color marker to use depending on the pipe’s contents, pipe marker sizes and types, valve markers, etc.

But, another important part of pipe and valve marking is fire protection. In your facility, it is important that pipes and valves used for any part of fire protection are clearly labeled so employees or visitors can act quickly in case of an emergency. Also, in the event that a repair is needed, clearly labeling fire protection pipes and valves will ensure they can be easily identified and quickly fixed.

So what do you need to efficiently mark your pipes and valves for fire protection purposes?

  1. Pipe Markers
    Pipe markers, including snap-around and adhesive pipe markers, are a great way to quickly and easily mark pipes carrying water or other materials needed for fire protection. Snap-around markers will easily snap around any pipe – hold, cold, corroded or dirty. Self-adhesive pipe markers are best to apply to clean, dry indoor pipes.
  2. Sprinkler Control Signs
    Sprinkler control signs can help employees and visitors easily identify all components of your facility’s sprinkler system. These signs can call out emergency shut off and sprinkler control valves or indicate where sprinkler fire alarms or standpipes are located. These signs are available in a variety of sizes and materials. You can also use small engraved plastic signs that can be hooked or chained directly to sprinkler control valves and piping.

  3. Sprinkler Valve and Line IDs
    Sprinkler signs and plates are an effective way to label valves, lines or drains. Emedco’s valve and line ID signs and plates meet OSHA requirements and comply with the National Board of Fire Underwriters Standard No. 13. You can choose from two styles, including Automatic Sprinkler Control Valve or Hydraulic Sprinkler System Identification.

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